Skylanders Universe, also known as Skylanders: Spyro’s Universe, is an online multiplayer addition to the very popular Skylanders Spyro’s Adventures series. Skylanders Spyro’s Adventures is a video game which revolutionized the gaming industry, by combining a console game with a physical character, which can also be used as a toy that comes to life in-game when placed on the portal of power.  The Skylanders game is available on the PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, PC, and recently, it has become available online as a multiplayer RPG version of the game. Skylanders Universe is currently still in its BETA-stage, we are hopeful the full release of the game will be announced soon. Skylanders Universe

Skylanders Universe includes all the features and characters that everyone has started to love in the very popular Skylanders series, but has even more to offer as it is an almost never ending game! It is to be enjoyed with friends for hours on end.  Skylanders Universe exists out of a virtual online world of floating islands, which can all be unlocked and explored as you progress through the game.

Skylanders Universe is classed as a RPG, Role-Playing Game, as it allows you to play with friends and interact with other players. Parents can however be re-assured as Activision, the creators of the Skylanders series; have made strict provisions which ensure that children can enjoy a safe online environment. Although chat is available, chat is limited to the use of pre-determined lines with which kids can express themselves, without being open to abuse. Activision also promises close monitoring of the game by the use of in-game staff that will supervise and monitor the activity daily.

This new game can be played without any previous Skylanders knowledge or merchandise, although the gaming experience can be advanced if you possess either of these. If you already own the Portal of Power with a collection of skylanders figures, you will be glad to hear that these should be fully compatible with the online game. Connecting your Portal of Power to the game will make it easier and quicker to swap your characters around, which could give you a little advantage when playing in the online game. If you do not have any figures, the game will give you a choice out of three virtual characters in order to start your online game experience.

Skylanders Universe is a versatile game which allows you to create and customise your very own magical Skyland Island where you can invite your friends round or simply relax after hard day of defending Skylands from evil invaders. Action is never far away, especially when playing together with friends. The online game is packed with mini games, new islands and adventurers which are waiting to be unlocked and explored.

We will see you in Skylanders Universe, Portal Master!


How to earn gold coins quickly?

If you are eager to expand your Skyland quickly, you will require a lot of gold coins in order to be able to afford all the upgrades. After a lot of trial and error, we found that the best and quickest way to earn gold coins quickly was to either play the mini games, Gem Rush or Ground Defence, or to bash crates and pillars.

  1. Gem Rush

When trying which mini-game offered the most gold coins easily and quickly, we found that Gem Rush proved the best mini-game for us. The Gem Rush mini game can be situated at the Mainland and requires you to collect as many gems as possible in 45 seconds. The more often you play the game, the better you will get as you will start to work out a route and way to collect as many gems as possible, thus earning more gold coins.


  1. Ground Defence (Level 3)

The mini-game, Ground Defence, was also popular with us when trying to collect as many gold coins as possible in as little time as possible. Especially level 3 of Ground Defence allow you to earn gold coins quickly. It is also a great game to earn Hero points and only takes a minute or so to complete.


  1. Bashing crates and destroying Pillars

If you do not fancy playing any mini-games, simply wandering around your Skyland or the Mainland whilst bashing crates will also earn you a nice amount of gold coins. If you are on the Mainland and happen to be near a pillar that requires your element in order to earn yourself a present you should feel very lucky as the presents contain a substantial award in gold coins and are often much contested for that reason by other players.


Here, at skylandersuniverse.net we thought it would be a great idea to get a debate about the top three Skylanders characters going. In order to start of the debate, we have listed our personal top three Skylanders Characters below and look forward to see your top three soon! Our top three includes, 1 giant, and two “ordinary” Skylanders, namely, Pop-Fizz, Bouncer and Ignitor.

  1. Pop-Fizz Popfizz
    Our favourite Skylander of all time has to be Pop-Fizz. Pop-Fizz is a Skylanders character which belongs to the Magic Element and first appeared in Skylanders: Giants. This crazy alchemist loves to drink its potion, which is believed to give him special powers. Pop-Fizz has the official catchphrase “The Motion of the Potion”, but is also heard to say “soda-licious” after drinking one of his potions. Pop-Fizz is our personal favourite as he is crazy, funny and reckless.Get Pop-Fizz today from, http://www.skylandersfigures.co.uk


  1. Bouncer Bouncer
    Bouncer is our second favourite Skylander of all time and our number one favourite when it comes to Skylanders Giants. Bouncer belongs to the Tech element and has a Legendary counterpart called Legendary Bouncer. Bouncer has a whole array of special tricks shots, which includes launching rockets from his shoulders with extreme precision and wicked finger guns that can scare off the enemy by just pointing them in the right direction.

Get Bouncer today



  1. Ignitor Ignitor

Finally, Ignitor is the third Skylander to make it in our top three of all time Skylander Figures, this fire Skylander also has a legendary counterpart. Ignitor is a knight with fire abilities who loves to “Slash and Burn!” in order to protect Skyland from evil. Ignitor has a flaming sword and also has to ability to leave his suit of armour in flames to scare off the enemy.




Errors when entering Skylanders Universe Web codes

When entering a webcode into Skylanders Universe, you might have come across the following errors.

“Must Be a 10 digit code”

The Skylanders: Universe webcode is a 10 digit code, if you are getting the error which states ““Must Be a 10 digit code”, you might have entered too little or too many digits. Carefully enter the web code again, without any “-“.

“This Toy Has Already Been Registered”

The error “This Toy Has Already Been Registered” is a common error which is often caused by a typing error. If you are certain the web code you are using is genuine and has not been used before, it is probably wise to have a closer look at the 10digit code as you might have made a mistake when entering the code. For example the letter B can often be mistaken for the number 8.

If you are experiencing a persisting problem when trying to register a Skylanders Universe web-code, you might want to consider getting in contact with support. Although the support might take some time before getting back to you, they might be able to help you out.  In order to make the process a little bit smoother when contacting support, you might want to attach some proof to your support ticket which authenticates the web code.

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