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Mini-Games can be found all over Skyland and exist out of a whole range of levels which need to be unlocked by completing previous levels or playing together with friends. On your personal Skyland, you will be able to find the three basic mini-games, namely Sky Defence, Ground Defence and Castle Assault. A wide array of other mini-games can be found on the Mainland such as Sheep Shot, SWAT, Runes Run and many more.

  1. 1.       Sky Defence

Sky Defence is a great mini-game which can be found in your Skyland, usually on the right of your Lair. The aim of Sky Defence is to shoot down flying enemy ships and projectiles which will be fired to you. Sky Defense Image

You can fire by simply clicking your left mouse and can create a shield by holding your mouse still in order to protect you from flying enemy projectiles.  If you hold down the mouse you will be able to boost your attack by using boost points gained before you started the game. Dependant on the element of your chosen character will depend on the boost effect created during the game. If you have a wide range of Skylanders figures, you will be able to choose the right character for the chosen game and therefore created an in-game advantage.

Tip: If you aim to the weak spots/targets of your enemy, the enemy will receive more damage which will lead to a quicker and easier defeat of the Skyland invader. (more…)


Boost Points and Hero Points

Boost and Hero points are required in order to progress further in the game. They can be gained in a variety of ways and offer fun effects when achieved. You can complete various objectives in order to earn gold coins, boost points, hero points and improve your knowledge.

Boost Points

Boost points are needed in order to trigger a boost attack, which can be essential during a battle to save Skylands from invaders. In order to increase your boost capabilities, you will need to eat plants which your Skylander likes. Once you have eaten enough plants, your boost bar will light up and the boost button will be able to be used in-game. The boost power will vary in different games, so trial and error really is the best way to find out where the boost power for a specific Skylander is most effective. Dependent on the Skylander you have chosen to play with, will depend on the plant you will need to eat in order to gain boost points. The right plant for your Skylander will often be found on your own Skyland or the Skyland of a Portal Master who owns a Skylander which belongs to the same element. (more…)



Lore Tablets are collectible items in Skylanders: Universe which holds vital information to become an expert Portal Master. Lore Tablets Lore tablets reveal key information about certain Skylanders and are essential to understanding your Skylander character fully. The Lore tablet educates you about Skylander myths, strengths and mysteries, they are often funny and cool to read and can hold the key to achieving a more advanced level of play.

In total, there are currently 42 Lore tablets to collect which you can discover by bashing crates and ceramic vases. You can find out which Lore Tablet you have already collected and the ones you have yet to find by clicking on the “My info”- button followed by the “collections”- button. Trigger Happy Lore Tablet