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The more Skylanders you have in your possession when playing Skylanders Universe, the more achievements and features you will be able to unlock. A Skylanders Universe web-code allows you to add an additional Skylander to your collection by entering a 10 digit code into the game.

Where to find web-codes?

When you purchase an official Skylander character, you should find a web code included in the packaging, this webcode can be used to bring the Skylander you have purchased alive in the online game. Each web-code can only be used once and will be registered to a certain account which makes swopping codes with friends a little challenging. The only way to swap webcodes with friends is when your friends are willing to unregister the code from their account when swopping the Skylanders Universe Webcode.

How to use the Skylanders Universe Webcode?

Bringing your Skylander figure to live in Skylanders Universe is easy with the use of a webcode. Simply log-in to your Skylanders Universe account, and click the icon shaped like a crown on the top right of your screen. You will then be asked to enter the 10 digit web code, and if you have entered the code correctly the checkmark will turn green and you will be ready to go.

Do I need a webcode in order to add a new Skylander to my collection in Skylanders Universe?

No. You can simply add a new Skylander by placing the Skylander onto the Portal of Power. Simply connect your Portal of Power when playing the Skylanders Universe game, and place your desired Skylander character on the Portal in order to make them come to life in the game.

Alternatively, you could also visit the Skylanders Clubhouse on the Mainland where you can trial a Skylander for 30 minutes in exchange for 10000 gold coins.


Mabu have featured throughout the Skylanders series as the peaceful, native inhabitants of Skylands. A Mabu is mammal-like creature who offer clues to the existence of Skylanders. Popular Mabu include Hugo, Flynn, Bobblers, Rizzo and many more.

In the Skylanders Universe game, different Mabu are scattered around the mainland. Each Mabu have their own home to which a mini-game is associated; if you click on the Mabu you will be able to start the game. mabu

Flynn is the easiest Mabu to spot in the Skylanders Universe game as he can be found almost everywhere you go. Flynn will take you around Skylands in his balloon, so can easily be approached and found when planning to travel. Flynn features in most of the Skylanders series and likes to boast about his flying skill, he believe he is probably the greatest pilot in the whole of Skylands. He might not be the smartest Mabu in the bunch, but he is certainly the best pilot about and will take you anywhere you would like to go.

More Mabu can be found on the Mainland, but as far as we are aware none of these have featured by name in any of the previous Skylanders series. If you believe to have found a Mabu which you think you recognise and know by name, we would love to know!


Skylanders Universe and Sheep

When playing Skylanders Universe, you will no doubt have come across some sheep. Sheep have featured in most of the Skylanders series as a fun, and friendly animal which graze on Skyland whilst you try to desperately protect it from invaders and Kaos. The sheep in the Skylanders series have become somewhat of a legend and were even featured in an advert for the first Spyro game.

A lot of myths surround the sheep in the Skylanders series, some believe sheep are friendly creatures which look after (and sometimes annoy) the Skylanders figures, but others fear sheep as they believe they are spies sent by Kaos. sheep statueOne of the scrolls in the Skylanders series mentions that you might find your possessions to go missing when counting sheep, so you should always be careful when near these cuddlesome creatures. Whatever your theory behind the Skylanders sheep is, we believe that these fluffy white creatures are a fun addition to the Skylanders Universe game.

In Skylanders Universe, sheep are frequently mentioned and some games such as Sheep Shot and Roundup feature sheep. Sheep are integrated throughout the game and you can even buy your own sheep statue or sheep idol, which can feature on your islands. You can purchase a sheep idol when you have expanded your island at least once. The sheep idol does not only look great, it will also give you some special perks and bonuses when playing the “sheep games”. If you purchase sheep idols, sheep will be able to come and live on your Skyland, which can be both cool as frustrating on times. The more you expand your island, the greater the Sheep Totem you can purchase will be.

The mystery of the sheep keeps continuing and we are sure some hidden secrets will be revealed as we continue on playing and enjoying the game. Some Portal Masters have recently reported seeing a sheep which looks like a red nose reindeer; we have yet to come across this one, but will keep you posted if we spot one! We are also still trying to work out the difference between the white, golden and black sheep, if anyone knows the secret behind this, we would love to hear from you, so please let us know by commenting below!