Boost Points and Hero Points

Boost and Hero points are required in order to progress further in the game. They can be gained in a variety of ways and offer fun effects when achieved. You can complete various objectives in order to earn gold coins, boost points, hero points and improve your knowledge.

Boost Points

Boost points are needed in order to trigger a boost attack, which can be essential during a battle to save Skylands from invaders. In order to increase your boost capabilities, you will need to eat plants which your Skylander likes. Once you have eaten enough plants, your boost bar will light up and the boost button will be able to be used in-game. The boost power will vary in different games, so trial and error really is the best way to find out where the boost power for a specific Skylander is most effective. Dependent on the Skylander you have chosen to play with, will depend on the plant you will need to eat in order to gain boost points. The right plant for your Skylander will often be found on your own Skyland or the Skyland of a Portal Master who owns a Skylander which belongs to the same element.

For example; our chosen Skylander, Trigger Happy, belongs to the tech element and loves the plant called ‘Junkills’. When Trigger Happy eats this plant, you will receive boost points which can make him stronger during a battle.  We have so far not found any plant which will damage Trigger Happy, but when eating a plant not suitable to the tech element, he will pull a silly face of disgust.

You can easily boost your powers by eating plants but try not to be greedy as established; fully grown plants will give you more boost points. In order to see how many boost points you will receive by eating a plant, simply mouse over the plant to see its power.

Hero Points

Hero Points are needed in order to progress through the levels within the game. You can earn Hero points by completing games and certain objectives. After successfully completing a mini-game you will receive a number of points shown on a image of a shield, these are the hero points. The more successful you are in the game, the more hero points your will earn.  The more hero points you earn will improve your character and move you up in the ranks. If you mouse over the  hero points bar you will see how many more hero points you need in order to move up to the next level. When playing with others you can see how many hero points they have gained by the number next to their name. Everyone starts of on level one and progresses accordingly. The highest we have so far seen in game is level 5, but this will no doubt increase as more players spend many hours of in-game play.