How to Customize your Skyland

In Skylanders Universe, you are able to customize your Skyland to your own unique taste by adding certain features and themes. Customizing your Skyland is a fun and enjoyable experience which can be admired by yourself and all your friends whom you can invite over to your special Skyland.

If you would like to customize your Skyland, you can click on the little hammer in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. customize button When clicking this button three more buttons will appear; the first button allows you to change themes, the second button allows to expand your island and the final third button allows you to change the weather conditions (if you own the Weather Machine). The promo bar above the three additional buttons allows you to enter a special promo code which will unlock unique features.

Changing Themes

The standard Skyland theme is the pasture theme, everyone starts off with this theme but more unique themes can be unlocked by adding Skylanders from different elements to your collection. For example if you add Chop Chop to your Skylanders Universe collection, by placing the figure onto the Portal of Power or by entering the web code, you will unlock the undead theme, which you can then use to transform your Skyland.  The more Skylanders Figures you have in your collection, the more themes you will unlock, giving you more choice to experiment with different themes and features.

Expand your Skyland

Expanding your Skyland is a great way to give yourself a little more space to bring your Skylanders collection alive. The first Skyland expansion will cost you 6000 gold coins, so you better start saving if you would like to expand your island. Once you agree to expand your Skyland, you will be taken through the earth of Skylands to your new and bigger Skyland which you can call home. In order to unlock the second expansion of your Skyland you will need to register at least 4 Skylanders Figures to your collection. You can expand your Skyland up to eight times, the only requirement is owning eight different Skylanders in order to warrant the space.

Customize Features

When you click on the little hammer button, you will be given the option to customize features, such as bridges, your lair and trees. Simply click the little hammer button when you are near the feature you would like to change and then click on the item you would like to change. Purchasing new feature is a great way to transform your Skyland in an enjoyable space to hang out on.

Change weather conditions

Seasonal Conditions

In order to change the weather conditions, you must purchase the weather machine. You can purchase the simple weather machine for 1000 gold coins, by customizing one of your totem locations. simple weather machineA totem location is available to you when you have expanded your Skyland at least once. Once you have purchased the simple Weather machine, the weather button will be available to use. Clear Skies and drizzly weather are the two standard weather types; other weather types such as snow are only available with certain themes.

Use Promotion Codes

You can use promotion codes to add special, unique features to your Skyland. Some people believe the use of promo codes is a cheat or glitch in the game, whereas others believe it is part of the game. Some Portal Masters believe that promo codes should be kept secret and once you find out you should keep it to yourself, but we believe that promo codes enhance the game and it would be selfish to keep it for our own use only. We have therefore decided to reveal three (common) promotion codes below, which you can enter into the promo code bar when clicking the little hammer button. Once you have entered the code, the feature will appear on your Skyland and will stay there forever (or at least this seems to be the case). wandering penguin

  1. The wandering Penguin
    The wandering penguin is a fun little creature which wanders around your Skyland and is great to watch and impress visiting friends with.
    Use code “Penguin” to unlock this little fun fellow to your Skyland.
  2. The Small Penguin Tree
    The Small Penguin Tree is a snowy tree which has penguins inside, it is believed this tree is loved by all penguins.

Use code “Custom” to unlock this fun tree, but be aware that when unlocking this feature, it will transform the nearest tree, so be careful where to try out this code.

  1. SWAT Tree
    The SWAT “Tree” is a feature which looks like a street light, which will take you to the SWAT game when clicking on it.
    Use code “Glow” to activate this feature, but again be aware that when using the code it will transform the nearest tree into this street light feature.

We hope you have fun with these codes and appreciate we have made them available for you to use, but use the codes wisely as each code can only be used once. We can also not guarantee these codes will last forever…

If you know other promo codes and would love to share them with other Portal Masters, please feel free to comment below!