How to earn gold coins quickly?

If you are eager to expand your Skyland quickly, you will require a lot of gold coins in order to be able to afford all the upgrades. After a lot of trial and error, we found that the best and quickest way to earn gold coins quickly was to either play the mini games, Gem Rush or Ground Defence, or to bash crates and pillars.

  1. Gem Rush

When trying which mini-game offered the most gold coins easily and quickly, we found that Gem Rush proved the best mini-game for us. The Gem Rush mini game can be situated at the Mainland and requires you to collect as many gems as possible in 45 seconds. The more often you play the game, the better you will get as you will start to work out a route and way to collect as many gems as possible, thus earning more gold coins.


  1. Ground Defence (Level 3)

The mini-game, Ground Defence, was also popular with us when trying to collect as many gold coins as possible in as little time as possible. Especially level 3 of Ground Defence allow you to earn gold coins quickly. It is also a great game to earn Hero points and only takes a minute or so to complete.


  1. Bashing crates and destroying Pillars

If you do not fancy playing any mini-games, simply wandering around your Skyland or the Mainland whilst bashing crates will also earn you a nice amount of gold coins. If you are on the Mainland and happen to be near a pillar that requires your element in order to earn yourself a present you should feel very lucky as the presents contain a substantial award in gold coins and are often much contested for that reason by other players.