Although Skylanders Universe is a very easy game to play, at first the wide choice of buttons and menus can sometimes seem a little confusing, but fear not Portal Master. At we have summarized all the buttons and options which you can see when first registering and joining the game. The basic screen should look something like this….

Skylander Universe Gameplay image

Top left Corner

In the top left corner of your screen, you should see an image of your chosen Skylanders character and its name, in this case, we chose Trigger Happy to get started in Skylanders Universe.

Next to your Skylanders image, you should see a picture of the the Skylanders element the character belongs to. Any Skylanders fan will now that Trigger Happy, the character we selected, belongs to the ‘tech element’ hence the tech image.

Underneath the element image, you will notice an icon with two arrows; this icon can be used to change your Skylanders character. If you have more than one character, because you have for example connected the portal of power to your computer, you will be able to switch between the different characters by the use of this button.

Next to your characters image, you will be able to see your Portal Master name, which you selected during the registration process. Our portal master name is “Clover Fortuneshade”, so if you ever see us in game, please feel free to say hello.

Underneath the Portal Master name you will see an amount of gold coins; your starting amount is 5000 gold coins. You can collect gold coins throughout the game and use these to customise your character or island.

Underneath the gold coins, you will be able to see your boost and hero points which you will gain during the game by completing objectives or defending Skyland from invaders.

Bottom Left Corner

Moving down the bottom left of your screen; you will be able to see a whole list of interactive features which are designed to interact with other players. If you click on the first icon, it will collapse your friend’s panel, which will show you the friends you have added and other players in the game. You will also be able to see the friend’s requests or ignored players.

The ABC icon allows you to chat with others by the use of pre-designed sentences.

The Smiley icon allows you to express your feelings by the use of emoticons and moves.  Try out all the moves with your character as you would be amazed how funny some of these really are!

Finally, the little window allows you to see the conversation and actions which have occurred in the game, ideal in case you were too busy defending Skylands when your friend was trying to say something.

Top Right Corner

Moving to the top right of the screen, you should see a icon of a globe. The globe icon will show you a map of Skyland and the mainland; it will aid you in finding where to go next or locating your favourite mini-game.

The little crown next to the globe, allows you to enter web codes. A ‘webcode’ can be found in the packaging of a purchased Skylanders figure. By using web codes, you will allow be able to expand your Skylanders collection both in game as at home.

Next to the webcode button, you will find a mute button and an options button.  The options button allows you to change your graphic and audio settings. You can also change some game play settings here, such as blocking friend requests or downloading the portal of power drivers.

Bottom Right Hand Corner

Moving down to the bottom right hand side of the screen, you will be able to customize your Skyland by clicking on the little hammer and choosing out of a variety of options.

You can click on the my info button to show the strength of the Skylanders character currently selected and have the ability to upgrade your character here.

The Newsfeed button next to the info button, will show you what your friends have been up to, this great feature will keep you alert about your friends progress.

Finally, the objectives button shows you the tasks you could complete in order to earn more gold coins and improve your Skylanders figure. This button is arguably the most crucial one to learn more about as it is the key to progress through the game.