A Guide to Starting Playing Skylanders Universe

Skylanders Universe is a versatile game which can be enjoyed by both young and old whatever your skill level or knowledge about Skylanders. Skylanders Universe is easy to understand and play, but if for any reason you are a little stuck as to how to start playing on Skylanders Universe, we have prepared this hopefully useful step by step guide as to how to start the game.

Register at Skylanders Universe

In order to be able to play Skylanders Universe, you will need to register a Skylanders Universe account online. If you are new to Skylanders Universe, you will need to register a new account by simply visiting the official Skylanders Universe website, http://universe.skylanders.com  . On the homepage of the Skylanders Universe Game, you will be asked on the right hand side of the page whether you are a new or returning player. Click new player in order to register a Skylanders Universe account.

You will be asked to create a log-in name, which will be used to log in into your Skylanders Universe account next time when you log in. For security reasons, you should pick a name which is easy to remember, but should not be your own name. Once you have settled on a name, make sure to not tell anyone about this, expect for your parents, as this name is unique to you and will give you access to your very own, unique Skylanders Universe account.

After you have chosen an appropriate log-in name, you will be asked to choose a password. Again, we advise you to not tell anyone this password as this will be used when you log into your Skylanders Universe account.

Finally, you will be required to supply your parents email or your own email if you have one, this email will be used to complete the registration process and will be required in case you forget your log-in details.

Once you have provided an e-mail address in order to complete your Skylanders Universe account, you will be asked to choose a Portal Master name. The Portal Master is the person who controls the Skylanders within Skylands, or the person playing the game. The Portal Master name is therefore the name which will be displayed in game. In order to choose a name you can either let the widget chose a random name or scroll through the list yourself in order to create a silly, funny or mighty sounding name.

Once you have chosen a Portal Master name to suit you, you will be asked to select a server you would like to join. A server is a virtual world where the game is played.  You can invite your friends and play with others depending on the server you chose. It is a good idea to see how many people are currently in the server as at first you might just want to join an empty server in order to familiarize yourself with the environment and practice some moves. Due to the fact that Skylanders Universe is currently still in the BETA-testing stage, not many people are aware yet about Skylanders Universe and therefore most of the servers will be empty. Once you spread the word to friends and they tell their friends about Skylanders Universe, we are sure these servers will be filled up in no time. When choosing a server, you might also notice the online friends list on the right hand side of your screen. The online friends list will display the Portal Master names of friends you have added throughout the game. As this is your first time playing Skylanders Universe, the list won’t read any friends. You can change that quite quickly by letting your friends know about this great game!

The final thing to do before play can start will be to select your Skylander figure(s). You will be asked whether you have already own some Skylander figures. If you click yes, you will be asked to either insert your web card code or install the portal of power driver in order to get going. You do however , not need any Skylanders merchandise in order to play Skylanders Universe. If you click no, you will be given a virtual character to start with in Skylanders Universe. You can choose Spyro, Trigger Happy or Gill Grunt in order to start the game.

Before you are taken to your own island, you will be given a quick summary of the skills and abilities of your chosen character. If you click yes, the chosen Skylanders characters will be added to your collection and the game will start.