Mabu have featured throughout the Skylanders series as the peaceful, native inhabitants of Skylands. A Mabu is mammal-like creature who offer clues to the existence of Skylanders. Popular Mabu include Hugo, Flynn, Bobblers, Rizzo and many more.

In the Skylanders Universe game, different Mabu are scattered around the mainland. Each Mabu have their own home to which a mini-game is associated; if you click on the Mabu you will be able to start the game. mabu

Flynn is the easiest Mabu to spot in the Skylanders Universe game as he can be found almost everywhere you go. Flynn will take you around Skylands in his balloon, so can easily be approached and found when planning to travel. Flynn features in most of the Skylanders series and likes to boast about his flying skill, he believe he is probably the greatest pilot in the whole of Skylands. He might not be the smartest Mabu in the bunch, but he is certainly the best pilot about and will take you anywhere you would like to go.

More Mabu can be found on the Mainland, but as far as we are aware none of these have featured by name in any of the previous Skylanders series. If you believe to have found a Mabu which you think you recognise and know by name, we would love to know!