Mini-Games can be found all over Skyland and exist out of a whole range of levels which need to be unlocked by completing previous levels or playing together with friends. On your personal Skyland, you will be able to find the three basic mini-games, namely Sky Defence, Ground Defence and Castle Assault. A wide array of other mini-games can be found on the Mainland such as Sheep Shot, SWAT, Runes Run and many more.

  1. 1.       Sky Defence

Sky Defence is a great mini-game which can be found in your Skyland, usually on the right of your Lair. The aim of Sky Defence is to shoot down flying enemy ships and projectiles which will be fired to you. Sky Defense Image

You can fire by simply clicking your left mouse and can create a shield by holding your mouse still in order to protect you from flying enemy projectiles.  If you hold down the mouse you will be able to boost your attack by using boost points gained before you started the game. Dependant on the element of your chosen character will depend on the boost effect created during the game. If you have a wide range of Skylanders figures, you will be able to choose the right character for the chosen game and therefore created an in-game advantage.

Tip: If you aim to the weak spots/targets of your enemy, the enemy will receive more damage which will lead to a quicker and easier defeat of the Skyland invader.

  1. 2.       Ground Defence

The Ground Defence mini-game can be started by clicking what looks like a bursting pot in the floor. The aim of the Ground Defence game is to protect the treasure from invading pirates. If you do not protect the gems accurately, the pirates will steal the gems and run off with them, which will end game as defeat.Ground Defense Image Simply play the game by moving your character and clicking on the enemy to beat them up. You should make sure to move away when an air attack, also known as Boom Fiends, is about the happen as otherwise you might be stunned which can lead to an advantage for the pirates.

Tip: You can use boost points by clicking the special power button on your boost bar in order to release a powerful attack.  Sheep Shot

  1. 3.       Castle assault

Castle Assault is one of our favourite mini-games in which you need to try and destroy the Cyclops and other enemy invaders by aiming your catapult and destroying the structure the aliens are stood on. Castle Assault ImageYou simply need to aim your catapult in the right angle and hold your mouse down to create power in order to destroy the structure. You can use your boost button to increase the strength and size of your projectile.

Tip: You will receive bonus points for hitting sheep and treasure chests. You should however try to not hit Mabu, a mole-like friendly creature.