Travelling around Skylands is a fun, must-do experience which is often overlooked by many players. You can travel by either asking Flynn for a ride in the balloon or alternatively you can click on the globe icon which will display a map and options as to where you can travel.

When you travel, you will be giving a series of options to choose from, you can either travel to the mainland, to your friends’ Skyland, return to your home to your own Skyland or, if you have chosen to travel by clicking on Flynn, you can travel to a random Skyland. Travel in Skylands image

Travelling to the Mainland is essential as this is the main place where you can meet up with friends or make new friends.  You will also be able to find an array of different mini-games on the mainland which can be played individually or with friends.

If you have made some friends, you might want to check out their Skyland and see the improvements they have made. Maybe you can arrange to meet up in your friend’s Skyland in order to complete different challenges or simply hang out and act silly without a load of other Skylanders walking in front of you!

Some days however, you might simply want to hang out in your own Skyland and play the standard games or customize it to your liking. Personally, we also find it a good idea to return back to your own Skyland before logging out, this makes it easier to remember where you are next time you log-in.

Finally, as mentioned above, you can explore random Skylands made by Portal Masters you might or might not have met (yet). If you have ever wondered how some other Skylanders managed to get to your island without you knowing them, this is how they do it. Travelling to a random island is a truly enjoyable experience as you never quite know what to expect. Most of the time you will end up on a Skyland which is the basic starter island, but if you are lucky and travel frequently, you will be able to find some real gems. Visiting random Skylands is a great way to find inspiration and motivation as some islands look truly unique and wonderful. Travelling around to random islands is not only great fun, it is also essential  in order to find new plants that can only be found on the Skylands of more advanced players, you can munch away on these plants and achieve personal objectives. If the Portal Master of the Skyland you are visiting is at home, you could befriend them so you can visit the magical Skyland again in the future!

Keep on Travelling, Portal Masters!