Skylanders: Universe is currently still in its BETA-stage which means some features, games or other functions might not yet be fully functioning and need some more work. Sometimes it can be a little frustrating to work out whether the issue you have come across is a glitch in the game or it is simply part of the game, but requires you to unlock something before you can continue. We, at, have therefore tried and list the current known issues in Skylanders Universe (BETA) below.

What is a BETA-game?
A BETA-game is an early (incomplete) release of the game, which invites people to test the game and get excited about the full version. Challenges behind a BETA-version are to fix glitches found in the game and maybe introduce some other features proposed by the players. Skylanders: Universe is currently in its BETA-stage and although you can already enjoy the game without major issues, you might come across some things which are not quite right yet. If you do come across one of these issues, the makers of Skylanders Universe, Activision, would love if you told them all about this, as this way they can try and rectify the issue which they might have never had found if it wasn’t for you. So in some way, if you play Skylanders Universe(BETA), you are part of the creators team and the final released version. (more…)