Here, at we thought it would be a great idea to get a debate about the top three Skylanders characters going. In order to start of the debate, we have listed our personal top three Skylanders Characters below and look forward to see your top three soon! Our top three includes, 1 giant, and two “ordinary” Skylanders, namely, Pop-Fizz, Bouncer and Ignitor.

  1. Pop-Fizz Popfizz
    Our favourite Skylander of all time has to be Pop-Fizz. Pop-Fizz is a Skylanders character which belongs to the Magic Element and first appeared in Skylanders: Giants. This crazy alchemist loves to drink its potion, which is believed to give him special powers. Pop-Fizz has the official catchphrase “The Motion of the Potion”, but is also heard to say “soda-licious” after drinking one of his potions. Pop-Fizz is our personal favourite as he is crazy, funny and reckless.Get Pop-Fizz today from,


  1. Bouncer Bouncer
    Bouncer is our second favourite Skylander of all time and our number one favourite when it comes to Skylanders Giants. Bouncer belongs to the Tech element and has a Legendary counterpart called Legendary Bouncer. Bouncer has a whole array of special tricks shots, which includes launching rockets from his shoulders with extreme precision and wicked finger guns that can scare off the enemy by just pointing them in the right direction.

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  1. Ignitor Ignitor

Finally, Ignitor is the third Skylander to make it in our top three of all time Skylander Figures, this fire Skylander also has a legendary counterpart. Ignitor is a knight with fire abilities who loves to “Slash and Burn!” in order to protect Skyland from evil. Ignitor has a flaming sword and also has to ability to leave his suit of armour in flames to scare off the enemy.