Errors when entering Skylanders Universe Web codes

When entering a webcode into Skylanders Universe, you might have come across the following errors.

“Must Be a 10 digit code”

The Skylanders: Universe webcode is a 10 digit code, if you are getting the error which states ““Must Be a 10 digit code”, you might have entered too little or too many digits. Carefully enter the web code again, without any “-“.

“This Toy Has Already Been Registered”

The error “This Toy Has Already Been Registered” is a common error which is often caused by a typing error. If you are certain the web code you are using is genuine and has not been used before, it is probably wise to have a closer look at the 10digit code as you might have made a mistake when entering the code. For example the letter B can often be mistaken for the number 8.

If you are experiencing a persisting problem when trying to register a Skylanders Universe web-code, you might want to consider getting in contact with support. Although the support might take some time before getting back to you, they might be able to help you out.  In order to make the process a little bit smoother when contacting support, you might want to attach some proof to your support ticket which authenticates the web code.